The Dude’s High 5s: Favorite Movie Directors

I don’t have much much in the way of a preamble. There are some other directors out there that I am am loving, but need a bigger sample size. Joss Whedon, Duncan Jones, and Rian Johnson would fall into this category. Anyway, here are my favorite directors.

5. Ben Affleck

Affleck is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Back in the day when he was palling around with Matt Damon, I would have kicked my future self’s ass if I travel back in time to inform my past self of that. He’s only got three major motion pictures to his credit, but they were three very good films. When I saw Gone Baby Gone I though it was luck. When I watched the Town, I thought it could be a little more than luck. Argo sealed the deal. He’s legit. Of all the people on this list, I’m actually more excited to see what he does next than anyone save maybe my number one.


4. Quentin Tarantino

The is a lazy pick on my part, but the man entertains me. I know I’m not breaking any ground by saying the man knows film. I don’t go nuts over his stuff like some people, but I will always give his work a look-see.


3. Paul Verhoeven

While Affleck is on the rise in my mind, unfortunately Verhoeven is on the way out. His placement here is because of how this man shaped my childhood. I imagine that in a few years, he will be out of my top 5. His over the top violence and comically brutal films served to entertain me as a youth, and point out satire as an adult. Films like Total Recall, Robocop, and Starship Troopers … these were my generation’s Shrek.


2. Clint Eastwood

The man is a legend. In his youth he was frustrated with the movie making process. Did that mean he would run for the hills and call it a career? Nope. Clint starts up his own production company and begins building his empire. His sets are notorious for no bullshit, just business work ethic. This is why he typically comes in on time and under budget for his films. He’s also showed a remarkable ability to move with the times. You don’t spend as much time in a cutthroat business as his without being able adapt.


1. Christopher Nolan

This is not just about Batman. Sure, his trilogy was great, but he’s got other movies I love. Inception, the Prestige, Memento, all favorite flicks of mine. I only hope the back end of his career can stand up to the resume he’s already got out there.

So what directors get you folks out to the movies?