Apple awarded patent that could stop texting in theaters. Maybe. Odd.

On one hand, this is a pretty radical concept. Preventing people form texting in theaters! Huzzah! On the other hand, what about emergency calls from your loved ones? There is that weird line between being helpfully connected, and hopelessly inundated with the data stream.

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ITC Judge Recommends Xbox 360 Import Ban To The United States. Wait, Wut?

All right, this has gone too far! Motorola and Microsoft have engaged in a high-stakes slap fight over some patents or whatever, and it is going to spill over into our frag time. An ITC Judge Guru has recommended that the Xbox 360 be banned from being imported to the United States.

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Microsoft Patents Controller That IDENTIFIES Who Is Holding It. Futurism ++

In the next future, with the Robot Apocalypse approaching, nowhere will be safe for us. As the robots crunch our skulls and drink our blood (they will convert it into a bio-fuel of sorts), we won’t even be able to play one last game of Halo  before the Recknoning. Our own goddamn consoles will be able to identify us, just by us holding our controller.

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