Best of 2013 – The Annual RENDAR List!

Best of 2013

Holy smokes — it’s the final day of 2013.

Reflectin’ on the last twelve months, I have to say that it was a pretty solid year. Am I without financial concerns? Do I wield enough agency to do whatever I please? Have I achieved all my goals? No. No. And no.

But as far as relative simple lives go, mine is a goddamn blessing. I’m surrounded by righteous friends. My zany family has my back. I live with the absolutely babe-tacular Bride of Frankenstein. I’ve got a job I believe in. And I don’t have to travel to a rival village, murder an elder with a rock, and steal the water supply.

Also, they still let me navigate Spaceship OL!

So with my love of life intact, let’s meander through some of my personal favorites from the year TWO-ZERO-ONE-THREE!

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MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE: Loose-Bowel’d Time Traveling


Hello friends. Another harried edition of Monday Morning Commute for you right here. I’m in that liminal state between teaching and tutoring today (the two hat I don upon the campus), and I reckon this moment may be my only chance to vomit this up before the evening. So uh, rules of the game — we share what we are enjoying, looking forward to, and consuming with great relish on a given week.

Here is my collection of existence!

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TWO ‘ONLY GOD FORGIVES’ Trailers: The Devil loves Samurai Swords

Only God Forgives.

Today is a legit fucking blessing for those of you who need to fill your gullets with every ounce of Only God Forgives promotional material wandering this rock. Here are two new trailers for your gaping maw. Chew them slowly.

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‘ONLY GOD FORGIVES’ POSTER sadly does not feature Ryan Gosling’s abdominal muscles. How did this happen.

Only God Forgives.

I’m sure we will be getting enough of both Ryan Gosling’s abdominal walls and his face throughout Only God Forgives to fill our quota for the year. Of course, if you haven’t been an errant asshole you’ve already begun filling that quota with Place Beyond The Pinewood Box Time or whatever. But maybe you’ve been bad. Anyways, check out this poster for the next Refn-Gosling blood bath.

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Wanna fight.

It’s Nicolas Winding Refn, Ryan Gosling, gorgeous imagery, swords, sexuality, Thailand.

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RYAN GOSLING ready to brawl in new ‘ONLY GOD FORGIVES’ pics.

Brawling time.

Oh Lord, here are a couple of new pictures from the next Gosling/Refn jam. Only God may forgive, but I am qualified to authorize your arousal at these pictures. I have a badge and everything. See, see? Look right there where it says “Authorized Wank & Diddle empowerer.” Okay you scallywags, get to it.

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Gosling and Refn’s ‘ONLY GOD FORGIVES’ gets brutal sales poster.

Ooph! Take this one off the berries. There is a new sales poster for Gosling and Refn’s Only God Forgives, and it is fucking brutal. Can’t wait. Hit the jump and brace yourself.

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RYAN GOSLING is off of Winding Refn’s ‘LOGAN’S RUN’, my sadness never ends.

Infinite sadness. Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn will not be teaming up for Logan’s Run. I am undone with ball-shrinking sadness. They were going to be like Tim Burton and Johnny Depp! Without the suck! Like David Fincher and Brad Pitt! Without the uh, abs! Perchance they’ll reunite yet.

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The Weinstein Company Digital Label Picks Up ‘Only God Forgives’, Next Movie From ‘Drive’ Team of Gosling and Refn.

Drive. You know, *that* movie. Made the ladies swoon and the dudes wish they could smolder. Actually, it also made the dudes swoon and the ladies smolder. Pretty much everyone who saw it that I’ve came across totally rubbed their groins against the back of a chair after seeing it. Anyways! Fucking anyways. Drive‘s tandem of director  Nicolas Winding Refn and actor Ryan Gosling are making a new flick together, and it was dropped by FilmDistrict, the distributor of the Drive. No fucking worries.

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