MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE: Loose-Bowel’d Time Traveling


Hello friends. Another harried edition of Monday Morning Commute for you right here. I’m in that liminal state between teaching and tutoring today (the two hat I don upon the campus), and I reckon this moment may be my only chance to vomit this up before the evening. So uh, rules of the game — we share what we are enjoying, looking forward to, and consuming with great relish on a given week.

Here is my collection of existence!


Caliban's War.

Reading: Caliban’s War
The sequel to Leviathan Wakes. We may be encountering the first space-opera series I’ve loved in years.



Playing: XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Plasma rifles. Turn-based combat. The ability to name my character “Thunderdick Boomboom.” I’m sold. Actually, I didn’t have to buy. Free with my PlayStation-Plus-Plus-Wowie account.



Enjoying: Brandon Graham’s art book, Walrus: Brandon Graham’s All Bum Album
A myriad of Graham from throughout the ages. This guy is my love.



Drinking: Mountain Dew Kickstart
I’m not even trying to hide the fact that I’m a piece of shit any longer. (If I ever did.)


Only God Forgives.

Probably going to see Only God Forgives
One of the facts hidden under my desire to troll Rendar’s franken-love for Winding Refn/Gosling is the reality that not only am I a secret subscriber to that love affair, but I actually roped him into the action. Only God Forgives drops this week both in theaters, and also VOD, which presents me with a quandary. Try and find it in the theaters, or sell out and see it at home?

What do you folks think?


So uh — that’s sort of my swag for the week. What are you friends up to?