‘Han Solo’ Spin-Off Movie will feature Chewbacca. Obviously.

Han and Chewie.

I sort of figured that any movie starring Han Solo will also star, to some extent, is fucking Ride or Die Hairy Breh. Just sort of figured that. Assumed it. And apparently I wasn’t assuming-figuring-dreaming too wildly, because Disney Czar Bob Iger confirmed my assumption-figuring-dream.

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‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ has already sold 5 million futzing copies

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Trailer: Be the (Goddamn) Bat-Man

…and this, my friends, is why I reject any ludicrous notion that Warner Bros. is done with Batman video games despite Arkham Knight being the “conclusion” to the Arkham series.

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Official: Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is officially up in the Deadpool movie. Which, like, was to be expected. Right? And this is all dope and shit, but my concern with this movie surrounds the script. Namely, the idea that it could be PG-13.

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OVER 12,000 LOKI FANS petition for a SOLO FILM. He’d Smirk a lot and Canoodle Thor.

They Like Loki.

Listen, I like Loki. He gets Thor all brooding and shit, really darkening the Lightning Lord’s mood and making his beard really pop. Get his Mjölnir throbbing and such. So I dig the character. But I don’t know how I’d feel about a solo film starring him. 12,000 other people? They don’t share my uncertainty.

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