North Korea launches Netflix-like streaming service, ‘Manbang’


So, North Korea is launching their own streaming service. Cool, cool? It’s called Manbang. Oh. Cool, cool? Like — I’m certainly curious enough about the sort of streaming service that the name evokes, but I don’t think…I don’t think what populates my mind is what they’re going for. Manbang!

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Whoops: JAPANESE CITY accidentally tweets North Korean missile launch.


Talk about covering yourself in slathered mounds of shit-powered embarassment. (What?) A Japanese city’s Twitter account tweeted that North Korea had launched a missile. Ooph! Not the kind of mistake you want to make.

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ANONYMOUS hacks North Korea’s TWITTER and FLICKER. Legion, et cetera.


Anonymous has gone after none other than North Korea in their latest hacking fiasco. They’re all like, running amok and leaving wonky pictures and the such. Careful bros and brodettes, this is the sort of chicanery that has you end up in some hole somewhere.

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Google chairman making private trip to North Korea. Obvious Illuminati meeting.

Google chairman Eric Schmidt (if that is his real name) is making a private trip to North Korea. This can mean only one (obvious) thing. The Illuminati are meeting up at a new base to discuss their global sterilization techniques via water fertilization, and they need to make sure the global search engine and Skynet progenitor is on board. Right? I can’t be misreading this thing, can I?

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