PS5 is the first console to outsell the Nintendo Switch in almost three fucking years. Goddamn Nintendo’s got a juggernaut!

ps5 outsold nintendo switch september

The PS5 has done the seemingly fucking impossible, dudes. The console outsold the Nintendo Switch in September in the United States, breaking a 33-month stream.

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Nintendo Switch is soon gonna pass Nintendo 64’s lifetime sales. This is kinda fucking wild, no?

nintendo switch sales pass nintendo 64

We all knew the Nintendo Switch was a successful-ass console. But, how successful is Nintendo’s current renaissance? Soon, the motherfucker is going to pass N64’s lifetime sales.

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Nintendo expecting Switch to outsell the Wii U in only a fucking year

nintendo switch sales outsell wii u one year

The Nintendo Switch is selling like goddamn gangbusters. You already know that, don’t you? You’re also not surprised, since Nintendo dropped two of the best games in years on the console in the same year. But, do you understand just how fucking well it is selling? Here’s some context.

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Report: Nintendo Switch Has Sold More Than 1.5 Million Consoles Worldwide

nintendo switch sales 1.5 million

Nintendo has moved more than 1.5 million Switches! In the first week or so! That’s a lot of glorified Zelda-playing tablets sold! (And though I hate, dammit I would probably buy a Switch if I could find one.)

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