Report: Nintendo Switch Has Sold More Than 1.5 Million Consoles Worldwide

nintendo switch sales 1.5 million

Nintendo has moved more than 1.5 million Switches! In the first week or so! That’s a lot of glorified Zelda-playing tablets sold! (And though I hate, dammit I would probably buy a Switch if I could find one.)


Nintendo Switch sales worldwide have reached 1.5 million consoles sold, according to a report from SuperData. As first reported by, that figure comprises international sales recorded mostly during the console’s first week on the market.

SuperData’s information comes from Famitsu, the premier Japanese gaming publication, and German-based global market research institute GfK. The specific breakdown has sales reaching 500,000 in the United States, based on SuperData’s own estimate. In Japan, Nintendo has sold 360,00 Switch consoles; that number is from Famitsu, the firm told Polygon. Outside of those two regions, the data gets less specific.

European sales are said to closely trail those in Japan, according to a mix of SuperData’s research and GfK data. All of these sales figures come from the console’s launch week at retail, making them a few days old — but overall, they corroborate with what Nintendo has hinted about the Switch’s sales thus far. (We’ve reached out to the company for confirmation.)