Pixar has announced its Dia de los Muertos film, ‘Coco’, by the ‘Toy Story 3’ team


Pixar is finally letting us in on its long-in-development Dia de los Muertos movie. At D23, the company officially unveiled the movie, known as Coco.

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Dope Art: ‘BioShock’ goes ‘Final Fantasy’ logo

BioShock x Final Fantasy

‘HERCULES’ Trailer #2: Team Demigods Just Bring It


As a complete fanboy of The Rock, I’m really fucking excited for this movie. And I think I have my expectations properly calibrated to enjoy it. All the film needs to provide is ridiculous dialogue, absurd action sequences, head-scratching plot points, and Dwayne Johnson whupping unfathomable amounts of ass. Judging from this trailer, all will be featured.

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Cosplay: BATGIRL and NIGHTWING gettin’ comfy

The Bat! Girl!

On this most merry of BATFLECK REVEAL DAYS why shouldn’t we continue the theme with some Batverse cosplay? Let’s go Bat-Crazy! Like we have rabies! Cause fucking bats have rabies or something! Unless they don’t! Snopesapedia that shit for me!

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Michael Douglas.

Well then. Broken news has broken in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Looks like Paul Rudd is going to be playing the more comedic, younger Ant-Man. With Michael Douglas playing an older Hank Pym.

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‘PACIFIC RIM’ CES TRAILER: The Apocalypse is cancelled with even more technology.

Pacific Rim! More footage! What more do you need?

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