Motherfucking XBOX Reveal


Are you lowly spunk-dwelling peons even ready for this shit? I highly doubt it, so I’m recommending that you brace yourselves, for you see, the next-generation XBOX reveal is almost upon us and, due to my illustrious industry connections, I have some exclusive news nuggets that are so exclusive –  you’ll find yourself questioning their validity.

Are you braced?

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SURPRISING NO ONE: Next Xbox using AMD CPU, ain’t backwards compatible.


Another day, another Nextbox-Xbox 720-Durango report. The little console that couldn’t (play games offline) is going to be supporting a similar (I think? I don’t know this shit) processor to the PS4. In addition, it isn’t going to be backwards compatible. If this makes you spit out your Faygo, I don’t know what to tell you. Why should Microsoft or Sony go out of their way to make their machines run our backlogs, when they can charge you again for a souped up version?

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