Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner’s ‘Red’ going to NBC as TV series

pew pew

Ellis and Hamner have already seen Red adapted on the big screen. Now the duo shall watch as their work is taken to the, uh, small screen? Heycoolwhateverandall, but how can they possibly replace Helen Mirren?

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Matt Fraction appearing next week on NBC’s ‘Late Night’

Matt Fraction.

Shout out to Johnny Hotsauce for bringing this to my attention! I don’t usually watch the late night talk show things. But I’m going to make an exception. It appears that one of my Lords and Saviours shall be appearing on Seth Meyers’s Late Night.

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Ron is not happy.

This is some shade of bullshit. To quote the billionaire Jay Z, NBC can kiss my whole asshole.

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Watch: PATTON OSWALT’s brilliant ‘STAR WARS’ x ‘MARVEL’ crossover pitch.

His impassioned speech.

Patton Oswalt is appearing on this week’s episode of the fucking fantastic Parks and Rec. One of the preeminent Lords of Dork was asked by the show to play a filibusterer, and given the choice to ramble about whatever he wanted. Oswalt delivered with nothing less than a delicious hallucinatory pitch for a Star WarsMarvel crossover that we would all love. Don’t deny it.

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‘COMMUNITY’ Season Four Trailer: Metacommentary, Annie’s Boobs, and more.

Community should have premiered tonight. It didn’t. Despite proclaiming that October 19th was going to be the jammy-jam release of the fourth season, NBC recently nixed that idea. Don’t despair! Or, okay, despair. But take with your weepy-eyed dumb faces this trailer for the fourth season. It’s a delicious helping of Alison Brie, Troy and Abed, and thinly cloaked shots at NBC. What isn’t to love?

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Dennis Culver Draws Dean Pelton From ‘COMMUNITY’ In All His Costumes. Cool Cool Cool.

The bomb diggity! Dennis Culver has drawn up Dean Pelton from Community  in every one of his costumes. The hiatus may be in affect, but Community  still surges deep in my soul.

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Dan Harmon NOT SIGNED ON To Produce New ‘COMMUNITY’ Episodes…Yet…Right?

I was too busy flinging fluids and high-fiving my cats at announcement of Community‘s renewal to read the fine print:  creator Dan Harmon isn’t signed on (yet?) to produce the new episodes. Oh man, this is rotten crotched nonsense.

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‘Community’ Returns March 15. Praise Be! Holla! Et Cetera.

Thanks to our own beloved commenter Johnny Hotsauce for bringing this to my attention. Community  is going to be returning to the NBC hood March 15. So soon. So glorious.

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Video: Donald Glover Drops ‘Save Community’ PSA. Do It For The Bees.

Donald Glover has dropped a Save Community PSA, and I suggest you spread it to your friends. Write your Congressman. I just recently dived he-clit deep into Community, and I realize that probably makes me one of the reasons it isn’t on the air right now.  So Good Lord, let’s get over this hurdle, and I promise I’ll treat it well. C’mon baby. Forgive me.

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The Office Gets Dubstepped; White People Pop Yo Booties!

Salad UK brings the dubstep to The Office, and I love it. Probably too much.  As a white guy, I have zero coordination of the dance floor. But goddamn if this didn’t make my sad little ass giggle, while trying to swing my dong around in something  hypnotically  horrifying.

Hit the jump for the video.

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