Underwater Volcanoes Unleash Enough Energy to Power Entire United States. Nature Fucking Rules, Dudes!

underwater volcanoes generate enough energy to power entire us

A recent study a study published in Nature Communications comes with a pretty fucking gnarly finding. Underwater volcanoes are straight not fucking around. Them motherfuckers generate enough energy to power the entire United States. Goodness fucking gracious.

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Fossils of a Car-Sized Turtle were found in South America. Nature is fucking wild, dudes.

fossils of a turtle the size of a car found

Okay, so this isn’t new news. It’s actually from last year. But, I just came across this shit this week, and I figured maybe it’s new to you as well. The fossils of a motherfucking car-sized turtle were found in South America, and the fucker dates back to between 13 and 7 million years ago. I say goddamn! Like, shit was absolutely popping off on this planet while this fucker roamed the Earth. Goddamn enormous beasts. It’s amazing.

Hit the jump to check out the fossils and for more details.

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‘Westworld’ Teaser Trailer: Have You Ever Questioned The Nature Of Your Reality?

Baller: DOLPHINS GET STONED by sucking on puffer fish.

Stoned out of his fucking gourd.

Dolphins, man. The fucking best. Actually they’re raging fucking assholes. Or at least some of them are. Don’t want to be Dolphinist or something. Whatever. So the ones who are assholes need to hang out with the more chill of their kind. Take some fucking rips off of the ole puffer fish.

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PHOTO: Black Hole EATING A Star Is Cosmo Destruction Bliss

Bask in the destructive beauty of the cosmos. We go about our daily lives not really contemplating the sheer magnitude of the fury that the Universe can unleash. Right here is a black hole devouring the shit out of a star.

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