Casey, Farinas, Dalrymple, collection of other artists relaunching Jack Kirby comic ‘Captain Victory’

Captain Victory.

I say New Gods, yes! Joe Casey and a fucking squadron of Beast Mode artists are intent on relaunching a Jack Kirby classic for Dynamite Entertainment. I’ve never checked out the Kirby original, but jeepers is this endeavor stacked with talent. As Lenny Descartes says in Django The Slaver Slayer, “first I was eating pineapple, but now I’m excited.”

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Matt Fraction and Nathan Fox Do ‘Osama Raid’ Comic For GQ. Unexpected.

Matt Fraction has teamed up with Nathan Fox and Jeremy Cox to pen a comic for GQ. That shit seems sensible enough, but things get a bit bananas when you hear the topic: the fatal OBL raid from earlier in the year.

Yeah, I wasn’t expecting it either.

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