Matt Fraction and Nathan Fox Do ‘Osama Raid’ Comic For GQ. Unexpected.

Matt Fraction has teamed up with Nathan Fox and Jeremy Cox to pen a comic for GQ. That shit seems sensible enough, but things get a bit bananas when you hear the topic: the fatal OBL raid from earlier in the year.

Yeah, I wasn’t expecting it either.

Robot 6:

The December issue of  GQ  magazine features  “For God and Country,”  a comic by Matt Fraction, Nathan Fox and Jeremy Cox described as “an illustrated account” of the May 2 raid by Navy SEALs on the compound of Osama bin Laden.

The magazine’s website includes annotations by Fraction and Fox, with the writer noting, “The original editorial directive was to tell the story from OBL’s perspective but, aside from not caring to get inside the man’s head, the more I researched that night, the more in awe I became of the DEVGRU/Seal operators who performed the raid – and the more I decided their story demanded telling, too.”

Click the link in the quote above to check it out. More interesting than the actual comic – despite it being from a favorite of mine – is the inside information the little clickies provide.