Monday Morning Commute: MIND-TRAVEL the UNIVERSE!


Close your eyes. Take a breath. It’s going to be okay.

It doesn’t matter if you’re out of gas money or your car’s exploded or you’re in too much pain to get off the couch. `Cause that’s not what real traveling’s about. In any of those circumstances, you can still close your eyes and tune out. And right when you think all you’re perceiving is the Great Nothing, you’re going to realize that you’ve fallen into the Wonderful Everything.

I want you to mind-travel the universe.


Welcome to the MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE! I’m going to highlight some of the ways I’ll be staving off existential crises and reinstalling hope. After you see what I’m doing, hit up the comments section and share your own prospective week-activities.

C’mon, don’t be a lamebrain!

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Rumor: ‘METAL GEAR SOLID 5’ secretly announced at SPIKE VGA. Oh, Kojima!

At the Spike VGA, the game The Phantom Pain was revealed. Ain’t nobody had heard of it, or its developer, and this was a bit of a head scratcher. It is not usual for such a sexy looking entity to come out of nowhere. What if, folks, there was more to this story! What if, that title was actually Metal Gear Solid V? It would be so fucking Kojima, that’s what.

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