Milky Way Galaxy’s supermassive black hole got 75 times brighter for two-hours and we got no goddamn clue why

milky way galaxy brighter

Recently, our Milky Way Galaxy’s supermassive black hole shone brighter than a motherfucker for two-hours. And, the reason for it? We got no idea. Which is half of the awesomeness.

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Astronomers have found that the Milky Way Galaxy is “warped and twisted” just like its inhabitants

Surprisingly, at least to me, is this shit! The Milky Way Galaxy ain’t flat like a pancake. Instead, our galaxy’s stellar disk is an s-shape. Pretty fucking wild.

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Milky Way Galaxy still shows scars from collision with a “ghost of a galaxy” because space fucking rules!

milky way collision ghost galaxy

The Milky Way Galaxy! Home to all known life in the Universe. Also, survivor of a collision with a ghost of a galaxy. Fucking awesome.

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Milky Way Galaxy has holes in it from a “dense bullet” of something. Scientists got no idea, and I love it

milky way galaxy holes

Another day, another fucking mystery in the cosmos. The latest? Oh, you know. The Milky Way Galaxy has fucking holes in it from a dense bullet of something. Amazing.

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Space Swoon: The Hubble Glimpses the Heart of the Milky Way Galaxy

Space Swoon: The Most Complete Picture of the futzing Milky Way Galaxy ever taken

Hubble gives us a look at the densest part of the Milky Way


Space is big! And mostly void! But here Hubble is giving us a glimpse into the densest, most dank point in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Arches Cluster.

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Space Swoon: The Milky Way Galaxy over the Devil’s Tower

Devil's Tower.

Fuck, yo. If nature ain’t a real fucking gorgeous son of a gun. And goddamn if it doesn’t chap my ass that I can’t get out to places with the necessary lighting to peep me a look at the Milky Way Galaxy. It seems that luckier, more talented people will have to continue to bring me looks.

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Space Porn: The Milky Way as viewed from the International Space Station


I say goddamn! If we can’t get up into them there Inter-national Space-Stations, at least they are doing us some solids. Sending back gorgeous pictures like this one. The Milky Way Galaxy straight bulgin’, the cosmos waving hello.

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The Habitable Zone.

Kepler is always doing work! On its galactic grind. Crunching numbers. The latest calculations bound to blow out your space-bunghole is the finding that one out of every five sunlike stars has a planet the size of Earth.

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