Monday Morning Commute: It’s supposed to be easier than this (promised no one)

monday morning commute its supposed to be easier

I know that I haven’t written a Monday Morning Commute in a hot minute, and if truth be told, I don’t want to be writing one now! Hey, how’s that for a hello! But, I gotta admit. It’s just tough to get the juice needed to spin one. However what I know is this: for every week a skip, it becomes more difficult. So here I am, friends. Every once in a while I wax nostalgic here, a bit lachrymal. Despite closing in on a solid fucking decade of OL this August (I say goddamn!), there’s always a bit of me that misses the old days.

What can ya do, nothing gold can stuff. And, if gold can’t stay, imagine the lasting power of this shambling space-ship in the middle of Oblivion.

So even though these posts feel more like Captain’s Logs chronicling the end-run of blog entropy rather than a communal experience these days, I’m here! And this is what I’m digging and anticipating this week.

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‘Midsommar’ Trailer: The director of ‘Hereditary’ goes ‘Wicker Man’

The trailer for the next movie by the director of Hereditary has dropped. And? Looks as haunting as his first work, just a bit more…technicolor terrifying.

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‘Midsommar’ Trailer: A new horror movie from the dude who fucked you up with ‘Hereditary’

After Hereditary, I’m ready to follow Ari Aster wherever the fuck he goes.

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