Konami Has Filed New Japanese Trademarks For ‘Castlevania’ and ‘Metal Gear Rising’ Like They Still Make Games Or Something!

konami new japanese trademarks castlevania metal gear rising

Well, ain’t this shit interesting. Konami has filed new Japanese trademarks for both Castlevania and Metal Gear Rising. Could this mean they’re actually making new fucking installments in the titles? Furthermore, do they even have the talent in-house to do the franchise justice anymore? In fact, reports in February had them outsourcing the franchises. If so, who is going to get them? Who fucking knows! Intriguing though, no?

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‘Metal Gear Rising’ director wants to make a ‘Kill La Kill’ game. Yes. All the yes.

kill la kill

I’m not sure my rotting brain-stem and unworthy ocular-bits could handle a Kill La Kill game in the vein of Metal Gear Rising. But god dammit, I’m willing to put them to the test.

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Sony teases ‘Metal Gear Rising 2’, so maybe I should play the first?

Oh word?! Metal Gear Rising Raiden: The Devil May Cry Chronicles is getting a sequel! Interesting. I didn’t ever get down with the original Metal Gear Rising. Wasn’t a conscious decision to ignore the game, though. In fact, more than one friend was all “bruh, stop stroking it to promo stills of The Rock from Furious 6 and check this game out.”

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Cosplay: LADY RAIDEN from ‘METAL GEAR RISING’ has eh, something rising! #Shame

Lady Raiden.

Long Live the New Flesh! Forget silly things like being bound by the laws of nature or the meat-sack. Let us bask in the appreciable sexiness of a post-human.

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