‘The Great Wall’ Trailer: Matt Damon fights Demons on the Wall. Huh?

Where the fuck did this movie come from?

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‘Jason Bourne’ Trailer: I Know Who I Am (A Violent, Confused Man)

‘Jason Bourne’ Super Bowl Trailer: Damon Gonna Knock You Out

‘Bourne 5′ Set Photo: Damon is back as Bourne. Lookin’ yoked as all futz~

Yokkked BRUH

The producer of the fifth Bourne movie dropped this image today. It displays a considerably ripped+shredded Matt Damon clearly wrapping up after punching baddies on the first day of production. I’m cool with the picture. It’s cool. Let’s do this.

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‘The Martian’ TV Spot: The Many Ways Mars Can Kill You

‘The Martian’ Official Trailer #2: In Your Face, Neil Armstrong!


Matt Damon.

*Insert innumerable jokes about Batman and Aquaman talking to each other in Boston accents. Asking each other how they like apples. Maybe combing Robin Williams’ beard. Final sentence ends the post with shot at Zack Snyder and all the creative powers that be at DC Entertainment.*

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AFFLECK & DAMON are producing adaptation of BRUBAKER & PHILLIPS’ ‘SLEEPER.’


Power Bro Couples working within Power Bro Couples. Wheels within wheels. Affleck and Damon producing an adaptation of comic book bro couple Brubaker and Phillip’s Sleeper. This is wonderful.

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New ‘ELYSIUM’ Trailer: Shittin’ on your favorite movie this summer’s lifeee.


Goddamn, this trailer. Hot off the presses (okay, not really), hardening me tits. Here is hoping Elysium delivers wht I’ve yet to receive this Popcorn Season: a slam-bang special effects shrapnel bomb that transcends its status as just that. A man can hope.

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Official ‘ELYSIUM’ POSTER: Cyber MATT DAMON and the 99%

Jacked-in. And pumped.

I keep forgetting about Elysium, the flick from The Guy Who Did District 9 (Neill Blomkamp). Despite that, I have a feeling that when the film finally drops, it is going to blast my science-fiction o-ring into little pleasure particles. Here is the official poster for the son of a bitch.

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