Watch: ‘Daredevil’ gets ‘Night Court’ And ‘Law & Order’ themed credits

I fucking love Daredevil. I want to crawl into Murdock’s tight suit with him, and be in his thunderous soul as he crushes vermin and broods. But I will have to settle for these gnarly mash-ups.

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‘STAR WARS’ characters added to THRIFT STORE ART = Win.


Dope shit. Not much to say. David Vancook buys artwork from thrift stores and injects some froggy fresh Star Wars characters into the paintings. For Dorks of the Force such as myself, the results are wonderful

Hit the jump to check out his efforts.

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Batman meets True Detective.

Not too much to write about, here. It’s Batman done up in the style of the iconic True Detective credits. Dope as shit. Hot as shit! Shit as shit!

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The man. The myth.

Now this is a reimagining of the Ninja Turtles that I can get behind. Motherfuckers get busy thrashing Splinter, then they turn their sights onto infiltrating the Empire with the help of a whiny farm boy. Grab the princess, blow up the space station. Pizza for all.

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GEORGE WASHINGTON was MASTER CHIEF? Take that, vampire hunter.

The Dude’s High 5’s: Top 5 Musical Mash-ups

For those of you who may know me, you might be shocked to see that I am actually doing a musical High 5. I’m gonna let the rest of you OLers in on a little secret about the Dude. I don’t like music. That’s not to say I hate music. There are some songs I love, but I don’t actively seek out new sounds to expand my horizons like I will with other media. I can’t explain it very well. I think music is intimate, personal. Whereas a movie has 2 hours to win you over, books have a narrative that can drive the imagination, and a TV show has seasons, a song has to grab you and tell a story in minutes. This is probably why I like so few songs. So when I was introduced to the concept of mash-ups, I was perplexed. How could I possible like two songs thrown together when I didn’t really care for either song on their own. I’m not sure, but here they are, my top 5 music mash-ups.

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When Toy Story Goes Xbox, Shizz Gets Real.

Source: Simon Chong Via Kotaku / Enlarge.