NASA’s Mars Rover may on site of Ancient Pond, not huge lake as previously thought. Water is water is water, bro.

mars rover ancient pond not lake

Okay, I know that water is not water is not water. Like, there’s a strong difference between a fucking ancient pond and a huge lake. But, either way, I’m fucking stoked for what the NASA Mars Rover is studying. And besides, this is just one new theory about what the fuck happened in the Gale crater. We still don’t fucking know! The cosmos, man.

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NASA’s Curiosity Rover gives sexy look at cloudy days on Mars

nasa mars curiosity rover clouds

Cloudy days here on the Blue Marble? Fucking suck. Cloudy days on Mars? A novelty, especially when Curiosity sends back images of them.

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NASA’s Mars Rover has taken an extraterrestrial selfie. Doing it for the Martian Gram!

nasa mars rover selfie

NASA’s Mars Rover is out on the Red Planet, doing exactly what we’d all be doing. Snapping some selfies for the likes, baby!

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Mars Rover Landing Site has been named after sci-fi master Octavia Butler!

mars rover landing site octavia butler

NASA has pulled a most radical move, and named the Mars Rover landing site after Octavia Butler. Fuck yes! Gimme all them science-fiction landmarks on Mars!

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NASA’s Mars 2020 rover has chosen its landing site, the Jezero Crater

nasa mars rover jezero crater

Kepler may be dead, but an upcoming mission to Mars is a great way to get over the loss. To that end, NASA has announced where the Mars Rover will be landing in 2020. Where? The Jezero Crater. I don’t know it, it sounds rad as fuck, let’s go!

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MARS CURIOSITY back to active status after two days in ‘safe mode.’ Rise, Rover. Rise!

Panorama of Mars.

You can’t keep a Mars Rover down. The little Johnny-5 (that is how I picture it, okay?) has risen out of the ashes of two days of safe mode. Blast it with cosmic rays, it’ll just take a nap for a few days. Now the little nuclear-powered fucker is ready to continue tilling the Red Planet for all of us.

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Curiosity Rover premiering will.i.am’s’ new song on Mars. We’re already ruining that planet.

Sweet fuck, Ray. You were right. Your boy Jeff Spender was correct as well. No sooner have we set down some impressive roving capabilities onto the ground of Mars have we begun sullying it. Debuting shitty pop culture vomit such as will.i.am on Mars? If we’re going no standards let me read some OL prose upon Bradbury’s landing.

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