HBO’S CEO says an HBO Go bundle with broadband package could work. Could.

Cable packages. As evil as this prick.

It is the great problem of our time. Everybody wants to watch Game of Thrones, and ain’t nobody wanting to pay for the television package that will grant it. The general response is to either download it, pay for the corpulent package, or borrow someone else’s HBO GO password. A more progressive solution would be for HBO to offer a standalone HBO Go service. This has seemed like a pipe dream, but HBO’s CEO has warmed to the idea. A little bit. A smidgen  Let me dream.

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‘READY PLAYER ONE’ author signs mega deal for next novel ‘ARMADA’

Well then! Nary three days have passed since our own Rendar was lavishing rope all over the bust and buns of Ready Player One when this news comes out. The author of the aforementioned jam is currently the hotness around The Town, and he has been afforded a ridiculous advance for his next endeavor. At, to be paid for writing. The concept, the concept alone.

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‘BREAKING BAD’ creator considering a SAUL GOODMAN spin-off? Fantastic.

Saul Goodman getting his own show? Seems too fucking ridiculous to be true, and that is the reason I’d love to see it happen. Vinny Gilligan isn’t committing to anything, but that isn’t stopping him from talking about the possible adventure.

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