ANONYMOUS Threatens To Kill Entire INTERNET On March 31. Dream Big.

Anonymous has been on the rocks lately, with their leader selling them the fuck out, releasing an OS with malware or some shit, and other unfortunate incidents. They intend on rallying this Saturday by killing the internet. I suppose if you’re going to ball, ball hard.

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LulzSec Says They’re Done Hacking. Def Not Because Of Arrests.

LulzSec is done fucking up servers and games and things and stuff and whatever they do. They issued an overwrought statement, one complete with sunsets and sailing. Nice.

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Press Start!: Fat Boys and Female Gamers.

We’ve got that post-E3 swerve going on, don’t we? This is Press Start!, the weekly gaming column. Being broadcasted out of my brainstem into a document, onto the satellite-netter-webs conduits for your unpleasant consumption.

What caught your eyes in the world of gaming this week? I am a free-flowing cavalcade of non-sense. My interests may not reflect your own. Hit me with your own list or findings or nuggets of glorious gleaming gaming developments.

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