‘TRANSFORMERS 4: AGE OF EXTINCTION’ Trailer: Optimus Rolls Dino Deep


Just Optimus Prime and Marky Mark. Hanging out. Broing out. Drinking beers and talking about fatherhood. Fighting robots. Facing extinction. Discussing humanity’s potential. Totally not tonally all over the place. W/E, I’m there. Day One. Chemically altered, ready to giggle.

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I probably shouldn’t criticize Devin Faraci for drudging up nonsense rumors, when I covered those same rumors. Whatever. I get three page views a day, and make no money. Faraci gets paid, and seems to generally giggle while stoking the flames of geeks across the internet. Wielding the hammer of God (or Thor, their parent company owns him), Lucasfilm has smote the rumors that Abrams is leaving Episode VII.

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[E3 2013] – The Unofficial E3 Kickoff features Vita, Kinect and a Nap before MS @12:30pm EST


It’s a confusing fucking start to E3’s flagship channel of coverage, Spike/GTTV.

A Vita world premiere that amounted to an esoteric Japanese handheld bore that looked like a war of icons and numbers?

Rare’s return to the centre stage to show off a new Kinect Sports?

Kill me.

We can all hope this is all just ancillary padding to the main events – the first of which is Microsoft’s XBox Media Briefing at 12:30pm EST – which are primed to be as packed full of goodness as they ever have been.

Today is the day the big hitters – MS, EA, Ubisoft and Sony – speak to the gaming press, the gaming population and the public at large about their plans for entertainment for the next 5-7 years. Make it good kids! The world’s watching.

What are you all excited for this E3?

South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Buys PlayStation With Campaign Money; Resigns. Can’t A Man Relax?

South Carolina Lt. Governor Ken Ard  has probably carved your ass up in Killswitch 3: The Franchise Caff Will Never Play. Or at least that’s how I imagine it. You see, our boy Ard spent a good amount of campaign money on some techno-gadgets, and now his ass has gone and resigned.

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Rob Liefeld Taking Over Three DC Comics Titles In May. LOLWUTNO.

Rob Liefeld, resident genius and adolescent reflection of the warping effects of living within a hyperreality is expanding. His blight is moving. Spreading. The contagion has not  been contained.

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Woman Buys Wooden Block In Parking Lot For $180, Thinking It’s An iPad. LOL.

I do most of my bartering with stranger over the prices of the electronics they’re selling in McDonald’s parking lots. It usually goes well, sometimes goes excellently. So I can’t believe this woman who bought what she thought was an iPad from strangers in the same sort of location was actually ripped off. Wut?

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George ‘Geohot’ Hotz Continues Sell-Out Tour, Now Working For Facebook.

You have to love the amount of suck and sell-out that George Hotz contains within his flimsy nerd shell. This year he has gone from stunting and pretending to possess some sort of ideological spine by releasing the PS3 rootkey, to settling with Sony, to his most amazing development yet: landing a job with Facebook.

You bad, bro. Real bad.

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