Lizzy Caplan is joining the ‘Gambit’ movie which is apparently really happening now?

lizzy caplan gambit movie

Lizzy Caplan is joining the Gambit movie? For real? Man, I used to really dig her back in the day. Full-on crush during Party Down‘s run. Then, she sort if disappeared from my radar. But if she’s starring in the movie, I’m even more excited about this movie. Which, I guess I should specify isn’t saying much, because I keep forgetting it even exists. Whatfuckingever, dude.

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Marvel’s Next Short Film ‘ITEM 47’ Features Lizzy Caplan. God Is Good.

Oh shit I love me some Lizzy Caplan. She held it down on Party Down, and got all sorts of nude on True Blood. Even made a welcome appearance on New Girl. Now the favorite of mine is crossing a new threshold, into the world of the Marvel.

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‘Party Down’ Could Be Getting A Movie? Don’t Tease Me!

I didn’t know about it, but there was a fucking Party Down marathon at the Alamo Drafthouse. It appears that everything awesome occurs in that place. Well fuck. Out of this Drafthouse came not just what I assume was endless fun and excitement with the cast and shiz, but the news that there could be a Party Down movie. Lawd don’t tease me, lawd don’t tease me!

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