‘Party Down’ Could Be Getting A Movie? Don’t Tease Me!

I didn’t know about it, but there was a fucking Party Down marathon at the Alamo Drafthouse. It appears that everything awesome occurs in that place. Well fuck. Out of this Drafthouse came not just what I assume was endless fun and excitement with the cast and shiz, but the news that there could be a Party Down movie. Lawd don’t tease me, lawd don’t tease me!

First off, Rob Thomas is a dirty bastard. He created Veronica Mars as well as Party Down, which means that he’s created two of my favorite television shows. Ever. However when VM got nixed by that piece of shit CW, he began his conquest of teasing a movie. For years. For this he is a dirty bastard. Now he’s teasing a fucking Party Down movie? Oh my hopes up! Again! For this also he is a dirty bastard.

Secondly, the ending to Party Down was perfect. A fitting coda that didn’t write itself into an obvious ending, nor did it drag on too long. While I love the shit out of the characters and the universe, I’ve more than made my peace with how it ended. It felt good. It felt comfortable.