‘John Wick’ sequel titled ‘John Wick: Chapter Two’, dropping February 10, 2017

John Wick

I still can’t believe we’re getting a second John Wick. God is good.

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‘John Wick 2’ casts Common as film’s villain


Common? The villain for John Wick 2? I’ll take it. Used to be down with the artist, but somewhere between that X-Men movie and doing advertisements for car companies, the dude’s shine was lost on me. So cross Wick, Common! Drown his kitten or whatever the conceit will be for the second film. I’m going to enjoy this.

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Hulk Hogan might be the villain in ‘Expendables 4’

hulk hoganz!!

I’ve only see the first Expendables. Only the first, because it fucking sucked. And nothing has given me any indication other than the sequels were somehow worse. But fuck. If Hulk Hogan is riding into the next installment, I might have to see it.

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WWE and Lionsgate to Remake ‘LEPRECHAUN’. Naturally.

Leprechaun  was one of many horror movies back in the day that scared the crud out of my bunghole. I was a bit of a candy ass, and I was often babysat by older cousins. As such I spent many summer afternoons cowering in the other room while chuckle fucks like the Leprechaun terrorized fictional neighborhoods. Now that pain and horror will be inflicted on a new generation of wimpy kids.

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Video: New ‘HUNGER GAMES Clip, Katniss Is A Saucy Archer.

New clip from the Hunger Games, zomg. It’s a a memorable scene for those of us who have caught it. Nothing too spoilery, watch it with me.

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‘Hunger Games’ Gets An ENORMO Batch Of Pics Upside Yo Head

Well then! Here’s an intense amount of promo pics for the Hunger Games. It’s dropping soon! Pumped? Sate that grind temporarily with an absurd amount of views into the movie.

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