[Interview] Brandon Graham – Crackin’ Comics

Last fall, Caffeine Powered started telling me about a comics creator by the name of Brandon Graham. He told me that he was hooked to this Graham fellow’s blog, as it featured some absolutely mind-bending artwork. Always the petulant younger brother, I scoffed at Caff-Pow’s suggestion that I visit aforementioned blog, and returned to my regularly scheduled activities (which probably consisted of drinking beers, listening to Mastodon, and playing Mario Kart).

At the time, the name Brandon Graham was whisked away to the mental data file I’ve labeled The Zillions of Things Caffeine Powered’s Tried to Foist Onto Me.

But by mid-January, the file was retrieved and brought to the forefront of my mindscape. After all, this is when Prophet #21 dropped. This comic – a relaunch of an early 90s Rob Liefeld series — massaged naughty regions of my nerd-mind that’d gone chaste for years. The panels before me contained images of kooky monster-beasts and bio-technology and gritty action, presenting them with a multicolored urbanity. After mainlining this single issue, I was addicted to John Prophet’s post-cryostasis adventures.

And when I realized Brandon Graham was the scribe of Prophet? Well, I called up Caffeine Powered and told him, “Goddamn dude, you weren’t joking.”

To atone for my sins, I reached out to Brandon Graham to see if he’d be willing to share some thoughts with Omega-Level. In the following interview, Graham reflects on inspirations old and new, teases prospective releases, and reaffirms the adage that the greatest rogues rock eyepatches.

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Funny Books We’re Snagging This Week: Einstein Isn’t Just Gentle, He’ll Kiss You

Hello friends. Gals. Guys. Transpecimens from an alternate dimension reading this in the future as some ethnographic study on our primitive simian brain-stems. This is Funny Books We’re Snagging This Week, the comic book column where we spaz and spout and maybe even rub it a little over the week’s funny book releases.  Everyone’s invited! Especially if you find something not covered. Not certain what’s coming out? Hit up ComicList.

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Brandon Graham’s ‘King City’ Getting Collected By Image. Hells Yes.

I’ve begun the process of textually-fellating Brandon Graham around these parts, and I ain’t stopping. Not if my girlfriend comes in, not if I’m censured, censored, whatever! Finally, finally my prayers are being answered. I’m getting a unicorn for Christmas. Oh, and there’s more! Graham’s King City is getting collected.

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