Cosplay: Ryuko Matoi from ‘Kill la Kill’

Kill la

Man, remember Kill la Kill? Out of its goddamn mind, but was it ever fun. And out of its goddamn mind.

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‘Metal Gear Rising’ director wants to make a ‘Kill La Kill’ game. Yes. All the yes.

kill la kill

I’m not sure my rotting brain-stem and unworthy ocular-bits could handle a Kill La Kill game in the vein of Metal Gear Rising. But god dammit, I’m willing to put them to the test.

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Cosplay: This Ryuko Matoi is (Kill la) Killin’ it! Terrible puns!

Cosplay: Satsuki Kiryūin from ‘Kill la Kill’ is gorgeousness in human clothing

Yes please

…you have to had watched Kill la Kill to get that headline. Cause like, one popular refrain in the anime is that we are all “pigs in human clothing.” Ah, whatever. This ain’t about me! It ain’t.

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Cosplay: Ryuko from ‘KILL LA KILL’ is kill-la-killing my weakened heart.

Kill la Kill.

I can talk about this cosplay now! I’m all caught up on Kill La Kill, feeling hip and shit. Now there is no reason for me not posting excellent renditions of Ryuko’s ridiculously fanservicey costume.

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