‘Star Wars’ movies planned for next 10 years, confirms Kathleen Kennedy. Sterilize the people this news surprises

kathleen kennedy confirms star wars films 10 years

It’s just STAR WARS. STAR WARS and their adventures, STAR WARS, forever and forever, a hundred years STAR WARS.. things. KATHLEEN KENNEDY and STAR WARS runnin’ around and STAR WARS time. Aaall day long forever. All, a hundred days STAR WARS forever a hundred times. Over and over STAR WARS adventures dot com W W W dot STAR WARS dot com W W W STAR WARSy adventures all hundred years. Every minute STAR WARS dot com W W W hundred times STAR WARS dot com.

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‘Star Wars’ Spinoff News: They Won’t All Be Prequels. Futzing good.

Rogue One.

One of the most disappointing things about the Grand Resurrection of the StarWars Capitalist Big Rig is that the movies that have been revealed don’t seem to be tilling much new ground. Disney owns an entire universe, but they have seemed comfortable enough sitting in the same sandbox. I get it. Established iconography, easily marketable properties. I get it. But, I cannot imagine myself the only one who wants to see Lucasfilm and the Mouse spread their wings and expand, as opposed to masturbate, the StarWars Mythos. And while nothing is confirmed, or revealed, or certain, it seems that some of those standalone movies will (maybe) give me those new stories I hanker for.

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Lucasfilm President says ‘Star Wars 1313’ game may not be dead. Sort of.

Star Wars 1313

Lucasfilm Czar Kathleen Kennedy has come out and muttered some words regarding the cancelled WarStar game, Star Wars 1313. Most people are signaling her words to mean the game isn’t dead, but. But! It seems like all these people are extrapolating a lot out of a very vague statement. Wishful minds, yo.

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