‘Judge Dredd’ TV series has a completed pilot script and two seasons planned. So let’s get this shit going!

judge dredd tv series pilot two seasons

C’mon, fuckers. TVProgrammingFuckers, to be precise. What we doing here. The Dredd TV show has been in the works for a minute. But, now it’s come out that the show has a completed pilot script and the first two seasons mapped out. The fuck we waiting for?!

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Karl Urban in talks to join ‘Judge Dredd’ TV show. No, seriously, don’t tease us like this

karl urban talks judge dredd tv show

Karl Urban is in talks to join the Judge Dredd TV show, with the actor cautioning that it’s just that — talks. His joining the show is dependent on it, you know, not sounding like it completely sucks. So, c’mon WizardsBehindTheShow, bathe your pitch in quality.

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Karl Urban could return for Judge Dredd TV series, and now I give a shit

karl urban judge dredd tv series

Karl Urban? Returning for the Judge Dredd television series? Maybe? Now, now I give a shit about this little development.

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Judge Dredd getting live-action TV show, and okay cool I guess

judge dredd live-action tv show

Judge Dredd is getting his own fucking live-action TV show. I’d be excited, but it just sounds like a procedural show that’s wasting a dope fucking character. Who knows. Maybe it’ll rule.

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An Odyssey of an Interview: ULISES FARINAS!


Some claim that a mark of great art is that it conveys the creator’s enthusiasm.

If this is the case, then there’s no doubt that Ulises Farinas is one of comics’ greatest rising stars. Never heard of him? Oh, I hadn’t either, that is until I read his mindblowing GAMMA. In addition to its incredible art, compelling story, and ability to mash-up varied staples of nerdlore into one booty-shakin’ remix, GAMMA kills the reader with its passion. After reading this one-shot, I knew that I’d just discovered an artist who is truly excited to wake up and create!

And in a world inundated with paint-by-numbers, just-get-the-job-done entertainment, coming across something with a bit of zest and gusto is always refreshing.

In fact I was so won over by GAMMA that I immediately began scouring for more Ulises Farinas art. But my nerd-appetite wasn’t sated, and I hungered for more. As such, I thought I’d go directly to the gamma-powered source and ask for an interview. To the delight of all passengers aboard Spaceship OL, my questions were answered!

Hit the hyperspace jump and check out an interview with Ulises Farinas, an artist who bows to no one and bumps Rick Ross!

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J.J. ABRAMS + JUDGE DREDD = new robot cop show ‘HUMAN.’

He fucking hates you.

Karl Urban is in the lead in the new J.J. Abrams’ television show about a robot cop or some shit. After LOTR, Star Trek, and Judge Dredd, I’m pretty much ready to watch Karl Urban do anything. Shoot perps. Take off his shirt and play basketball. Shoot perps while playing basketball. (Shirtless). So while I’m usually needling on Abrams’ dumb TV pilots this one has me excited! Much excite!!!

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