Producer: ‘AVATAR 4’ won’t be part of back-to-back filming. OH NO.

The hardest part about so much time passing between these Avatar movies is finding people still willing to dress up blue and fuck me with their tails. It was the hot shit at first. People were doing it in droves. Now that time has passed? Shit me. Whole scene has dried up like a successfully strip mined Pandora. Get it? That was the name of the dumb world, right?

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‘AVATAR’ Producer Says Sequel Isn’t Likely To Make 2014 Release Date. 4D NOT YET MASTERED.

The sequels for Avatar  was supposed to start dropping on our futile simian brains starting in 2014. They would herald the unfurling of the fourth  dimension in cinema, and allow James Cameron to ride a pile of baby corpses all the way to his secret base on Mars. The problem with mastering the 4D is that it takes some time, and it appears that Avatar 2: I See You Ethnographic Stare  is going to be a smidge late.

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