Joe Carnahan Directing ‘The Raid’ Remake Starring Frank Grillo

joe carnahan the raid starring frank grillo

The Raid is getting remade by Joe Carnahan, and it’s starring Frank Grillo. I’m stoked by this news, as I’m a fan of the actor smashing skulls. Looking gruff and sexy. Smashing more skulls.

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‘Uncharted’ movie finds new writer in Joe Carnahan (‘The Grey’)


Oh hey Uncharted is still getting a movie adaptation. Its latest writer is Joe Carnahan, who has done a smatter of work, none of which I enjoyed more than The Grey.

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Joe Carnahan confirmed to direct Mark Millar’s ‘NEMESIS’…well, that’s f**king disappointing.

Joe Carnahan has gone from that delicious Daredevil sizzle reel last week to directing Mark Millar’s Nemesis. That disappoints the shit out of me. Going from a really interesting take on the Man without Fear or Eyesight to adapting Millar’s utterly dog shit derivative shock value pile of insulting vomit. Oh well. I suppose I can just rewatch The Grey.

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‘DAREDEVIL’ is heading back to Marvel, folks. Also! Joe Carnahan’s NC-17 sizzle reel for his ummade adaptation. So good.

No late night theatrics will be pulled. No rushed shooting schedule. After nixing what sounded like a fantastic but drastic script by Joe Carnahan, the movie is going home to the rest of the Universe. Fantastic Four stared idly from the bus window as its mate left behind the beleaguered studio.

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Joe Carnahan’s take on ‘DAREDEVIL’ MOVIE as 1970’s-style thriller may be nixed.

I wasn’t really impressed with Joe Carnahan until I saw The Grey, and then I was all like. Holy tits. This can has some chops. Fox must have been thinking the same thing, because they recruited him to the sinking ship that is the Daredevil franchise. The swine only have October 10 to get the film rolling, or the franchise defaults back to Marvel. Can’t you just hear the groaning of Marvel executives, as they rub aloe vera on their chaffed nipples. Nips that have been chaffed as they cheese-grater them in erotic bliss during contemplating of regaining the franchise. It is getting closer!, they proclaim, as Fox wavers on even Carnahan’s take.

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FOX may/may not be trading GALACTUS to Marvel to retain ‘DAREDEVIL’ rights. Info right hurr.

This is some straight-up wonky shit right here. God knows the news could change by the time this post hits the Omega Level info-wave. Initially it was thought that Fox would hand Galactus over to Marvel in exchange for an extension on their right to make a Daredevil flick. Now that one has gotten impaled upon the shores of truth, but the situation is still just as juicy.

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