Marvel is finally resurrecting Jean Grey after 13 long-ass years, thank goodness

marvel resurrecting jean grey

I don’t know why I’m excited about Marvel is finally resurrecting Jean Grey. I don’t read Marvel comics, let alone X-Men titles. But, I have always had a soft spot for the bad ass, and I’m happy to see her finally returning. Again.

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‘X-Men: Supernova’ Shooting Soon, Sophie Turner Confirms Return As Jean Grey

x-men supernova sophie turner jean grey

X-Men: Apocalypse was garbage. Sophie Turner was garbage as Jean Grey. No worries! Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. Or, in other words, if shit makes loot, it gets a sequel!

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Bryan Singer drops set photo of Jubilee and Jean Grey. They’re 80s Perfection.


I love that the X-Men flicks have become these odd, wonderful period pieces. Madly in love with this picture.

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Cosplay: DARK PHOENIX from X-Men is all-consuming

Dark Phoenix.

Here’s some beautiful Dark Phoenix cosplay. Just Jean Grey, rocking out. Using the Phoenix Force to consume worlds, spit them out Make Scott Summers cry.

Hit the jump for the full view.

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Marvel Teases The RETURN OF JEAN GREY In Entertainment Weekly? Bring Back Red.

Fuckkkkkkkk Emma Frost and her bourgeoisie swagger. Please let Jean Grey return in a hail of fiery telekinectic fury, vaporizing that posh hag.

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‘Death of Phoenix’ Page Snags $65,000 At Auction. M’lord.

If you’re an X-Men fan and you haven’t read The Dark Phoenix Saga, shame on you. Integral. A page from it sold for a lot of money this week. A lot.

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Marvel Releases ‘Phoenix’ Teaser. Make Mine Jean Grey!

I love Jean Grey. Too good for that Cub Scouts dick-bag Scott or that drunken Canadian ball of hate. She deserves me! Me I say! Her absence in the MU has been fucking depressing, letting that annoyingly posh and predictable Emma Frost to run things. It appears the Phoenix will be rising soon.

Hit the jump for details.

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Jean Grey & Haggar In Marvel Vs Capcom 3! Fap Like This! [Video.]

The line-up for Marvel Vs Capcom 3 continues to grow, as does the thunder in my pants. Anyone with a knack for anything Capcom or Marvel has got to be in on this shit, regardless of their feelings towards fighting games. Right? Well, probably not. But I can’t play them for shit, and I’m still sweating this title. Today trailers were dropped for both Haggar and Jean Grey. X-Men and Final Fight! Hells yes.

Hit the jump for their debut trailers.

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