Japan’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft is returning to Earth with asteroid samples! This is either wonderful, or terrifying.

hayabusa2 asteroid samples

Japan’s spacecraft is coming home, baby! And Hayabusa2 returning alone, nope! It’s bringing samples from a nearby asteroid with it. This is really fucking rad, or the start of countless science-fiction movies where shit goes really, really wrong.

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Japanese space probe Hayabusa returns to asteroid it BOMBED to take pics, collect more samples. Metal as Fuck++

japan hayabusa asteroid samples

The Japanese space probe Hayabusa is doing fucking work, dudes. It returned to the asteroid it bombed to take pics and collect more samples. I mean, goddamn. Space probe out there doing rad shit, while I scratch my ass and jerk off for a third time today.

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Watch: Japan has released a video of it bombing that asteroid. ?Throw up the horns! ?

We all knew that Japan bombed an asteroid. Which, is awesome unto itself. But, getting to see it in action? Doubly awesome. Awesome-aweosme.

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Watch: The Earth Rise from the JAXA Kaguya spacecraft

This week, the Japanese Space Agency released the first HD footage of the Earth Rise from the Moon. This footage, man. This footage is fucking stunning. Glory! Perspective! Now, just imagine HD footage from Mars. Okay, yeah, fine. This is only tangentially related. But it still gets my geek-gonads gooey.

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Japan cleaning up space junk with a giant f**king net!

Space Junk

Hey man, space debris is a real fucking problem. I saw Gravity. Blow up one satellite and all of a sudden there’s some insane chain reaction that leads to Sandra Bullock floating around in her underwear. Wait — is that bad? I’m confused now. Well anyways Japan thinks it’s bad. Way bad.

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