‘EARTH 2’ WRITER James Robinson: Alan Scott Won’t Be The Only Gay Character In Earth 2. I’d Hope Not.

Alan Scott is the prominent character that DC is introducing into New 52 continuity as gay. The original Green Lantern! Neat? It all sort of feels like a cop out to me, plastering this announcement everywhere and then finding out its a dude 70% of pop culture doesn’t know. Writer of Earth 2  James Robinson was discussing all of this with The Advocate  when he revealed the obvious (?), that Alan Scott won’t be the only gay character.

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Superman To Be All Sad And Deadly On “Earth 2′, Rock On Dude

I don’t really vibe with Grant Morrison’s relaunched Superman. I know, heresy. In fact, I’ve gone so far as to drop Action Comics. From what editor  Pat McCallum and writer  James Robinson are spittin’ though, I may be able to get into the Earth 2 version of Last Son.

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DC Reveals Designs for Batman and Robin of ‘Earth Two’, They Ain’t Ass.

I haven’t dedicated much brain power to thinking about DC’s upcoming Earth Two. The seeming flagship title of the company’s “second wave” of New 52 titles. Just hasn’t really interested me. That is, until I caught this info and peeped the designs. Not IMAGE EXPO level of the excite!, but it could be pretty jazzy.

Hit the jump for details and images.

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