‘True Detective’ S2 News: Rosario Dawson, Jessica Biel, seemingly everyone up for female lead


Sweet Shit. At some point the minds behind True Detective are going to have to cast their female lead, right? Like I was just getting comfortable in my Elisabeth Moss/Rachel McAdams internal debate, and now it turns out they’ve invited seven other women to read for the part? E’gads and shit.

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LADY SIF (Jaimie Alexander) to guest star on ‘AGENTS OF SHIELD.’

Jaimie Alexander.

Ohhh snap. Looks like we have our first instance of the Big Boy Marvel Movie Universe tying in directly with Agents of SHIELD. Directly! I said directly. I know the shit from Thor: Darkened Hair Line had some trickle down effects in the show. But this time — it’s direct! Or something…I don’t really know.

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Ride the Lightning.

The newest Empire Magazine has something like thirty-three trillion new images from Thor: The Dark World. Marvel in the beauty of the Hammer-Wielding Beauty. Scoff at those who get to bask in his presence, knowing full well that you are much more deserving.

Or at the very least, hit the jump to check them out.

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New Photos From ‘Thor’ And “Captain America’ Movies. Sif Is Pretty.

Here’s some images for those hankering for more promotional materials from the Thor and Captain America movies. There’s one Cap picture among a smattering of Thor pictures. What stands out the most to me is how pretty Sif is, wearing the visage of Jaimie Alexander.

Hit the jump for the photos.

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