Dustin Weaver cuts own sci-fi epic with ‘AMNIA CYCLE’ comic

Amina Cycle.

How the fuck did I not know that Dustin Weaver was publishing his own glorious, free sci-fi comic book online? Fuck me sideways while wearing a Reagan mask. The jam is called Amnia Cycle, and at first blush it looks fucking radical. I’ve been a fan of The Weave (no one calls him that, just me, I’m a piece of shit) since his run on SHIELD with Hickman. Then he ripped it up on Infinity. But I’ll be goddamned if the prospect of seeing his own universe doesn’t seem just as exciting as either of those beauties.

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BTFC Presents: The Best Comics of 2013

Battling Boy.

So 2013 is in the rearview, but what a year for comics, am I right?  While Marvel had an impressive and diverse publishing initiative in Marvel NOW, DC alienated fans across the board with bland updates to their characters (save for Batman & Wonder Woman, maybe) and business practices that would seem right at home in the mid 20th century.  Meanwhile, Image released a flood of new titles that only continued to improve their brand as the go-to company for independent, creator-owned fare.  Paul Pope dropped his long awaited Battle Boy, comic legend Gilbert Hernandez dropped five new books, and we got another issue of Adrian Tomine’s Optic Nerve.  We even got some “Event” books that weren’t half-bad.  Hit the jump and check out what we here on Spaceship Omega thought was the 13 Best Comics of 2013, and make sure to agree/disagree with our rankings in the comments section!

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Monday Morning Commute: The Robots Are Comin’!

The Robots are coming.

Hello, friends! Be you long-time wards of the Spaceship, or recent innocent bystanders gobbled up by last weekend’s Fan Expo in Toronto. This column right here is Monday Morning Commute, a weekly installment where we blather about the various things we’re indulging in during a given week. A list of the ointments we shall be applying to the burn of Existence. Too overwrought? Too grandiose? Post a fucking list of the shit you are getting down with over the course of the next seven days.

Ah, better.

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