Watch: ‘Final Fantasy 15’ has Chocobo drifting, and a fishing mini-game



China wants to stop sucking at the meaty, frayed teat of Microsoft and Apple. In order to do so, the country is building a national operating system. Said OS will be based on Ubuntu, and I don’t really know what that means. I thought Ubuntu or whatever was what the 2007 Celtics were based on. I’m confused. Someone pass me my bottle and blanket. The lights are dimming.

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Judge confirms SUPERMAN belongs to DC. Alas.


Don’t let the headline fool you, the battle for Superman’s soul isn’t over. Okay, soul is a bit erroneous. And over-dramatic. The fight for Superman’s wondrous money-making capabilities isn’t over. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been ebbs and flows to the case. The latest has the tide turning in DC’s favor. What does this all mean?! I have no fucking idea.

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‘SMASHED’ Theatrical Trailer: Ramona Flowers and Jesse Pinkman go Breaking Hearts.

Terrible puns aside, I’m really looking forward to this flick. It’s all like, indie emotional and it has pretty actors and actresses that I enjoy looking at and rooting for and such.

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LulzSec Says They’re Done Hacking. Def Not Because Of Arrests.

LulzSec is done fucking up servers and games and things and stuff and whatever they do. They issued an overwrought statement, one complete with sunsets and sailing. Nice.

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