MICHAEL BAY takes a shot at HUGO WEAVING, and it’s…awesome? WTF.

Something I never thought would happen…has. Michael Bay has barfed up some sentiment that I can nod my head in agreement with. Recently Hugo Weaving noted that he wouldn’t want to play the Red Skull again, and also that he regretted doing voiceover work for the Transformers flicks. At the time, I thought it was a bit douche for Weaving to consider himself above rocking the Red Skull. I mean, bro. C’mon. You’re in Matrix Revolutions. Not only that, but to have no problem collecting a check for Transformers (terrible flicks, granted) and then coming out against it? Smacks of pretentious hypocrisy. Somehow. Fucking somehow, Michael Bay echoes my own sentiments.

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Wachowski’s ‘CLOUD ATALAS’ Screened At Cannes, Is Almost Three Hours Long.

I have no clue what the novel Cloud Atlas  is about. No damn clue. Everything I know about it has been derived from reading news reports about the Wachowski’s adaptation of it, and all these news bits tell me its a bit of an unwieldy tome. So I’m not surprised that the pig is coming in at nearly three hours. The good news? It may actually deliver.

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New Cast Poster For ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’. It Looms! It Looms.

With only a week left until super soldier eerily Aryan looking yet fighting Nazis wunderchild Steve Rogers debuts on the big screen, there’s a new cast poster to chew on to kill the time. Chew it! Chew it up. Swine.

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‘Captain America’ Trailer. This May Rock.

Man, I can’t help it. The first full-length trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger is pretty fucking awesome. God damn, and I thought my low expectations were going to carry me through this movie with some sort of enjoyment. Now I’m expecting this pig to kick ass, which is, of course, the function of every trailer. To skillfully manipulate footage into giving fanboys boners.

Still though, fuck yeah.

Hit the jump for the trailer, and leave your thoughts.

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High-Res Photo of Red Skull from Entertainment Weekly.

Remember that picture of Red Skull that was ganked with glory from Entertainment Weekly? It is not making its way around the internet in all sorts of high resolutions and quality bits and shit.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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First Official Photo Of Red Skull From ‘Captain America’ Movie.

Ever since the Super Bowl Trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger dropped, my expectations for the movie have been recuperated. Probably not the best precedent to be set. It’s always better to go in with ground floor anticipation, that way anything can blow your tits off. One of the dopest things about the trailer was Hugo Weaving gettin’ his Red Skull on. So it’s of particular excitement to me that this week’s Entertainment Weekly has the first official photo of him as the Red Faced Prick.

Hit the jump for the photo, and some quasi-spoilerish details.

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Red Skull concept art from ‘CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER’?

Some artwork has leaked today that has Red Skull concept art written all over it. I hope this is legit content from the Captain America movie, ’cause it looks gorgeous. Want to take a look at the full artwork? Hit the jump.

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Here’s The Cosmic Cube From Captain America Movie!

Hugo Weaving is playing the nefarious Red Skull in the upcoming Captain America movie. And as Skull, he’s going to be hunting down the reality-warping Cosmic Cube to use against the Allies. Fucking Nazis, man. Want a look at the Red Skull, holding the Cosmic Cube?

Hit the jump.

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