First Official Photo Of Red Skull From ‘Captain America’ Movie.

Ever since the Super Bowl Trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger dropped, my expectations for the movie have been recuperated. Probably not the best precedent to be set. It’s always better to go in with ground floor anticipation, that way anything can blow your tits off. One of the dopest things about the trailer was Hugo Weaving gettin’ his Red Skull on. So it’s of particular excitement to me that this week’s Entertainment Weekly has the first official photo of him as the Red Faced Prick.

Hit the jump for the photo, and some quasi-spoilerish details.

Enlarge. | Via.
Slashfilm also has some details pertaining to how the Red Skull came to be:

The shot comes from  EW, which explains (possible spoilers for those who want to know nothing) that weapons developer Johann Schmidt (Weaving) was turned into the Red Skull by a Nazi experiment similar to the Super Soldier program that turns skinny Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) into Captian America. The site explains that both experiments bring out the inner qualities of each man. So the good Steve Rogers turns into a hero, while the evil Schmidt turns into a literal monster.

Thoughts? I dig the look. Dude looks menacing as fuck, which is a good thing, since you know, he’s supposed to be a fucking monster hellbent on wielding the Cosmic Cube and all.