Oculus no longer blocking Vive headset from playing Rift-exclusive titles

the war is over folksz

A tech war I did not know was being waged has come to an end. Vive owners will now be able to play Rift-exclusive titles on their headset. Which, I sort of imagine, benefits both companies.*

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The HTC ‘Vive’ VR headset to cost $799, $200 more than ‘Oculus Rift’


Man, count me the fuck out of the VR game. At least for a bit, until the headsets drop in price. That’s, that’s fair, right?

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Valve’s VR Headset called “Vive”, made by them HTC folks


HTC has tipped Valve’s VR headset hand, revealing they’re the manufacturers of the bad boy. A bad boy named “Vive”, for better or worse.

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