The Future! – Doctors have implanted a 3D-printed vertebra for first time

Three-Dee Vertebra

Man, I’m falling behind on the times. First, I didn’t know that water clouds were really fucking rare in the solar system, and now it appears that motherfuckers are straight-up changing out bones with 3D-printed replacements these days. And I had no idea! But, I’m totally hip to the vertebra scene, man. For instance. I totally know that it was just recently that a 3D-printed vertebra was implanted in a human for the first time.

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Arkham Knight.

The next Bat-Guy game has been released, and glory be the Masterminds behind the first two titles have returned. Rocksteady Games will be rocking (ha! fuck me and my shit puns!) out on Batman: Arkham Knight.

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Fist pump-fist pump-fist pump-fist pump. Lying websites lying to me, me lying to you. Tears shed. All for nothing. Dry those eyes.

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I’m Ken friggin’ Levine!

Ken fucking Levine.

Fucking KEN LEVINE all tits-out, not caring. Yeah, I’ll drink a latte and not give a shit that my nips are showing. I’ll comment on the industry while my chest hair rattles the mind and soul of the men and women behind the counter. I’m Ken Levine.

First a baby, now 14 ADULTS “fuctionally cured” of HIV. Awesomeness and caveats.


This is righteous news. A total of 15 people have been confirmed as being “functionally cured” of HIV. There is a bit of a winding road that leads to both what constitutes their cures and how it is done, but the news is generally pretty awesome.

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Christopher Nolan’s SCI-FI FLICK ‘INTERSETELLAR’ dropping in November 2014.

Christopher Nolan.

Boing, boing, boing! That is the sound of my sad schlong dancing in my pants. The current ditty is is jigging to comes courtesy of the news that Chris Nolan’s next flick has an official release date. Should I live to see November of 2014, I will be able to bask in the (assumed) glory that is Nolan doing science-fiction on the largest of screens.

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Sam Raimi starting work on ‘EVIL DEAD 4’ this summer, you pumped?

Back in the saddle or something.

Sam Raimi is entering the Evil Dead arena once more. Sure the good sir produced the forthcoming remake-reboot-resomething, but this is more legit. He shall begin working on a script this summer with his bro for the fourth movie. Cyeah! I know it has been forever and a fortnight since the last Evil Dead proper, yet that has not dashed my excitement for the project. I mean, it can’t be any worse than Peter Parker jazz dancing or some shit. Right?

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Butcher Billy mashes up MARIO with SID & NANCY for gorgeous ANARCHY


Fuck yeah! The new Butcher Billy jam is here, and this time he is taking his talents to anarchy. The pop-cultural remixing maestro has exorcised the glimmer of the Mushroom Kingdom from Mario’s soul, replacing the sheen with a gritty Sid & Nancy vibe. The winners? All of us.

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Watch: Paolo Rivera draws a ‘DAREDEVIL’ COVER IN 11 minutes. Time-lapse++

Daredevil #22.

Pretty outstanding video by one of my favorite artists hanging in the Marvel game, right here. Paolo Rivera has shared with the world a video of him rocking out the cover to Daredevil #22. Particularly awesome is how the video lets you see how the artist uses his own poses for reference when drawing the characters. I knew he did such a thing, but it is entertaining to all of a sudden see a picture of Rivera juxtaposed with the Webbed One.

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‘PACIFIC RIM’ early buzz is that it is monster-bashing bliss. I’m torqued.

Pacific Rim is the dopeness.

Pacific Rim is the sort of movie that is trying to surf a very specific niche. Should it slide the fuck off the rail, it is going to bash its goddamn skull and bleed suck everywhere. Should it succeed? Way gnarls, bro. Early reports is that the movie is totally fantastic, and that has this dude doing cartwheels. (What did I just type?)

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