Dude beat the $20,000 ‘Halo 2’ LASO deathless challenge. Motherfuckers are crazy.

halo 2 laso deathless challenge

A gamer who clearly has more skills in his perineum than I have in my whole body has completed the Halo 2 LASO deathless challenge. In doing so, motherfucker has claimed a $20,000 bounty that was issued for accomplishing this feat. What an outrageous amount of money! But, context is king. To claim this momentous combination of bragging rights and cash, dude had to complete the game on legendary. With all skulls turned on. Without dying. Jesus Christ.

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The Dude’s High 5s: Top 5 Memorable Video Game Boss Fights

There are many things that contributing to a video game being great.  The story, the mechanics, the graphics.  They all contribute to enhance our experience.  One of the things I love is a good boss fight.  They can vary from game to game too.  The boss fight is typically a culmination of the skills learned over the course of a level or if it’s the last boss, the game.  So here are the 5 boss fights that stand out in my mind as entertaining or memorable.

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