The Dude’s High 5s: Top 5 Memorable Video Game Boss Fights

There are many things that contributing to a video game being great.  The story, the mechanics, the graphics.  They all contribute to enhance our experience.  One of the things I love is a good boss fight.  They can vary from game to game too.  The boss fight is typically a culmination of the skills learned over the course of a level or if it’s the last boss, the game.  So here are the 5 boss fights that stand out in my mind as entertaining or memorable.

5. Master Chief vs. The Scarab (Halo 2)

I’m at the point in my life where I’m pretty much done in the Halo universe.  However back in the day, I put halo 1,2, and 3 through their paces (despite never owning Halo 2).  When the first Scarab shows up in Halo 2, my first reaction was that of incredulity.   I had to destroy this thing?  By myself?  With no air or ground support?  Ok.  The subsequent battle forces Master Chief to board the Scarab, kill all the occupants and then overload the power source to destroy it.  It was very John McClain.


4. Stubbs vs. Police Chief (Stubbs the Zombie)

Stubbs the Zombie was one of the greatest games ever made.  Ok, that might be hyperbole, but it was still a very satisfying game.  About halfway through the game, you face off against the police commissioner.  I remember expecting a long, difficult battle against a steadfast opponent that could match and counter my skills.  What I got was a dance off.  It was magical.   The soundtrack is amazing.


3. Chell vs. GLADoS (Portal)

Everything about Portal was great.  GLADoS was no exception.  Her constant taunts, criticisms, pointers, and directions made the confrontation that much more satisfying.  GLADoS manages to survive the confrontation despite being torn into pieces and thrown into a fire.


2. Emerald and Ruby Weapons (Final Fantasy 7)

Much like the Haloverse, I am done with Final Fantasies.  However in my hayday, I played these games to death.  Final Fantasy 7 was no exception.  For a power gamer like myself, the main game was a joke.  When every character has master level materia and their ultimate weapons, there needs to be more challenge.  I guess Squaresoft had people like me in mind.  The inclusion of the optional bosses Emerald and Ruby were indeed a daunting task.  Having legitimately taking these two behemoths down is a feather in the cap of my hall of fame gaming career.


1. Cash vs. Piggsy (Manhunt)

I don’t scare easily and I am never squeamish.  However the fight between Piggsy and Cash is fucking frightening.  There is something to be said for a 350lb naked man wearing a pig’s head wielding a chainsaw and capable of stealth.  Walking around a blown out building waiting to spot this monstrosity is nerve racking.  To this day this is the single most terrifying experience in my gaming history.  (P.S. The guy in the video was much better than me, or playing on easy.  I had a hard time beating this bastard).


So what boss battles do you folks look back on fondly?