FBI says Russian Hackers are to blame for shutting down much of US beef supply. What a weird fucking future, man.

fbi russian hackers us beef supply

I’m old as fuck. Pre-internet old. So when I read an article that says Russian hackers have shut down the US beef supply? It fucking blows my mind, man.

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Dudes get arrested after drilling through wall to steal 85 Bitcoin machines. The future is so fucking wild.

arrested steal bitcoin machines malaysia

Welcome to a headline from the Future, folks! Which is apparently happening. No less than five dudes were arrested for drilling through a wall to steal 85 Bitcoin machines. Fucking wild.

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Hackers play porn on a Detroit highway billboard. Hack the fucking planet (with porn)!

hackers detroit highway porn

There is malicious hacking. There is benevolent hacking. Then, there is also hacking to hang some dong on a billboard.

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‘Mr. Robot’ renewed for Season 4, which is great fucking news to me

mr robot season 4 renewed

Mr. Robot is getting a fourth season, and man, maybe we can have nice things. Even though I’m three episodes behind, the third season of the show has been blowing my ass-hairs into orbit. However, despite it’s fucking quality, I haven’t heard many people talking about it. Well, whatever the fuck, whatever the case, we’re getting more of the show. Good.

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Watch: ‘Doom’ Running On A MacBook Pro’s TouchBar

‘Watch Dogs 2’ Launch Trailer: The ‘Hackers’ Sequel We Deserve

‘Watch Dogs 2’ Gameplay Footage: Hack (Everything On) The Planet!

Oh, I’m hype for this game. Oh, so, very hype. One of my major misgivings (obviously) with the first Watch Dogs was how inconsequential hacking was to the actual game. Credit Ubisoft for recognizing this fuckery, and seemingly rectifying it in the sequel.

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Hackers have stolen over 100 Cars using a Laptop; Hack the Planet et cetera


The future is here! It’s just not evenly distributed. So says Billy Gibson. Well. I can confirm a couple of people who have received the future. These console cowboys have stolen more than 100 cars, using their leet hacker skills.

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Dallas Construction Sign hacked to say ‘Donald Trump is a shape shifting lizard’

lizard folk

Hack the fucking planet! Reveal the Illuminati! The villainous Bilderberg Group! And most importantly, the Reptilian Overlords guiding our every though!

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Hackers stole $12.7 million in just two hours from Japanese ATMs


Hack the planet! Or at least the ATM machines. Good grief, that’s a lot of money to gank in such a short amount of time. Or at least it is to me. You know, the headline screamed “this is a big deal” so like a sucker I nod my head. Mmm. Mmm. This is a big deal.

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