Rockstar pays modder $10,000 for fixing ‘GTA Online’ loading times. Dude, I have the wrong skills.

rockstar pays modder 10000 for fixing gta online load times

You know how a modder, like a month back or some shit, found a fix for GTA Online‘s load times? Well, that motherfucker is now $10,000 richer. After implementing dude’s fix, Rockstar paid the dude for his services. Talk about a wild, wild fucking future. Also, fuck me. I really have the wrong sort of skill sets. Unless Rockstar is looking for someone to write very expensive press releases which involve sentences about jizz and Mountain Dew. In which case, I’m about to be fucking loaded.

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‘Grand Theft Auto V’ is now the best-selling game ever in the United States. Passing, uh, ‘Wii Sports’

grand theft auto v best selling game ever united states

Folks, Grand Theft Auto V is now the best-selling game ever in the United States. I suppose it’s not really that surprising. You know, given the game’s popularity, and its tethering to the perpetual moneymaker that is GTA Online. However, do you know what is surprising to me? Fucking Wii Sports was the previous best seller.

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‘GRAND THEFT AUTO V’ Official Trailer: One more sweet stroke

GTA V - The Official Trailer.

Here’s the latest trailer for Grand Theft Auto. Apparently it’s the “official one”, which makes the other ones…? I don’t know, man. I’m pretty sure everyone either buying or not buying this game has already made that decision. So this trailer is a quick jimmy-tug for those sweating the release. Take the tug!

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