Rumor: Rocket Racoon and Groot getting their own series on Disney’s streaming service. ALL the beloved side characters getting one, eh?

rocket and groot series disney

Rumor time, motherfuckers! Rocket Raccoon and Groot are going to be getting their own series on Disney’s streaming service. At this point it seems as though every fucking beloved side character is getting their own series on the platform. And? Sounds good to me.

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Look: James Gunn is gifted a Play-Doh Groot from ‘GoTG Vol. 2’ Prop Master


Fuck, man. I need me some more Guardians of the Galaxy, seeing that the original is easily my fave flick of the MCU, and maybe one of my fave flicks of the past few years. What do I get to hold me over? Fucking nothing! But I’d settle for my own Play-Doh Groot.

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‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’ Test Footage: Gun-Murdering Raccoon Time

Guardians of the Galaxy

There is a Guardians of the Galaxy trailer coming down the pipe, so we should all be excited for that. However, what if we’re so excited that our nipples are leaking? Our nose is running? Well bad news — that means you’re probably dying and not actually excited. However!, if it is excitement, I have something to sate you. Some fucking GNARLY test footage featuring Groot and Rocket Raccoon opening cans. Of Dat Whup Ass.

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First ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’ movie promo image is like A MOTLEY SPACE CREW.

Guardians of the Galaxy.

I say goddamn yeah! The first promo image for Guardians of the Galaxy has dropped. It features the ragtag gang of space fuckers all lined up. Probably being busted for drinking too much and letting Rocket pull his furry balls out in some intergalactic cantina.

Hit the jump to peep it.

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Yeah, I didn’t know this wasn’t official already. Vin Diesel is in Guardians of the Galaxy. As Groot. Which we also knew. Pretty unexciting news. I was hoping he’d be Thanos. You know, drag racing his intergalactic space-ship against Andy from Guardians of Parks and Rec or whatever before throwing down with Tony Stark. Or something. It’s late.

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VIN DIESEL originally met with MARVEL regarding a NEW IP. OH TO DREAM.

Vin Diesel.

Fuck whatever set of circumstances has dragged Vin Diesel away from the opportunity to create a new IP in the Marvel Movie Universe. Clearly it wasn’t Marvel saying no. No one could be that daft. No one! So shame on whatever sort of Cosmic Joke is responsible for this. Shame.

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