Gnarly, bro: New ‘Tony Hawk’ game is arriving this year


Shredtastic, man! Wee! Other lazy references to skateboarding, broooo! Seriously though, I’m down for some more Tony Hawking Pro Skatering. It’s been a long enough minute that it’ll feel fresh to me.

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Pretty Gnarl: XB1 retail consoles will become dev kits this year


Are you like me? Well, that depends. Do you want to create an indie game where the protagonist must consume pixelated cans of Diet Dew in order to shit laser beams at bouncing pixelated Mark Millar fans? Well, if you are!, now you can create this game for the both of us. On XB1. With your store-bought console.

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‘Episode VII’ Rumors: This may be the very general plot!

Star Wars.

Perchance, perhaps, this is the very first leak of Episode VII’s plot. I cheated. I peeked. But I don’t feel particularly ruined. More piqued.

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‘TRUE DETECTIVE’ SEASON 2 to have three leads, explore the “PSYCHOSPHERE’

True Detective

Well, I’m glad that True Detective‘s second season doesn’t seem any less bonkers than its first. In addition to letting us know the show will have three leads, creator Nic Pizzolatto has revealed the show is exploring the Psychosphere of California. I have no idea what the fuck this means, but killer. Gnarly.

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Watch: RYU vs JESSE from ‘BREAKING BAD’ = best fan video


This is fucking wonderful. I don’t got anything else to say. Save for “tip of the cap” to this video’s creator. He’s way more inspired and far superior to my wretched ass.

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GOOD GUY SONY has GOODIES PACK FOR Playstation 4 launch day buyers.


With the PlayStation 4 being only a week away, I’m pretty much frothing at the mouth. And groin. And under my arms. Seriously my arm pits are so sweaty and the drippings taste way more disgusting than usual. Even still, I’m not really sure what I’m doing on launch day. Techno-fetish rubbing of the console? Sure. But what else? Ehhh. Perchance Sony senses my confusion, and they are at least doing a solid by providing launch day buyers with a little goodies pack.

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‘BILL & TED 3’ totally happening, with ‘GALAXY QUEST’ director helming. Gnarly. Righteous.

C’mon! I can’t be the only one who is excited that Bill & Ted 3 is happening. Especially since they’ve tacked on a pretty gnartacular director on to helm the antiquated son of a bitch.

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Deadpool Team-Up With Charlie Sheen Is Gnarly.

Since the Charlie Sheen meltdown began, I was pretty sure that the most obvious thing for him to do was a buddy action flick with Nic Cage. If you follow the Omega, you know why this should be stunningly apparent: Nic Cage is fucking amazing, and also fucking insane.

But I wasn’t thinking broad enough. Also awesome would be a Charlie Sheen team-up with motherfucking Deadpool. Thankfully, Ben Christian and Cory Smith dreamed where I slept.

Hit the jump for a gnarly combination of insanity.

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