THIS WEEK on Game of Thrones: “The Ghost of Harrenhal”

Harrenhal already seems like it could be the likeliest place in Westeros for a ghost to take up residence.   Arya Stark is basically dead to the world; small wonder she finds herself in a position to be Harrenhal’s newest specter, a girl whose words can now kill.

Sunday was about Game of Thrones’ characters gaining new ground in unexpected places.   Finding new sources of strength where they never imagined them to be.   And naturally, having those new gains define character arcs and plots for the rest of the season.  A setup episode of connective tissue necessary at this season’s midpoint.

Before all that setup could happen, and just as the show was teasing us with the prospect of an alliance between Highgarden and the North, we had to see what became of Stannis and Mel’s love-shadow.   And we did.

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Monday Morning Commute: The Smell of Summer

[toby cypress]

When I opened the door this morning, it hit me. Hard. Fuck the scientific calculations, I know damn well when change is afoot. And you can, too. Tomorrow, when you leave for work or play or prison, tilt your head back and suck in deep. It’s bound to tickle your nose.

The smell of summer.

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Devin Townsend’s Ghost

Devin Townsend just released a video preview from the sessions for Ghost, the final component of his four-album DTP sequence. From his YouTube channel, Townsend explains:

So this is record 4 of the dtp, but I’m recording it third, because Deconstruction (3) is a nightmare technically and I wanted to make something lovely before diving into that.
There are a number of guests on the album, but the core is me, Dave Young (Keyboards) Mike St-Jean (Drums) and the fabulous Kat Epple of flute.

I’m about 2 weeks into this one, and I’ve got about a month and a half more work to do if I keep my schnoz to the grindstone.

I’ll keep you posted…

Oh yeah, please remember (and tell your friends…):

THIS IS NOT THE HEAVY ALBUM, that one is next…but they both get released simultaneously so all us misanthropes will have something to vent with before reading a National Geo to Ghost.